Bike Rack

Bike rack installed at Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority in Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA.
IMG 1293  Inside a PSTA bus. Some people have never been inside one. IMG 1294  Looking from the back of the bus. Pretend you are a rider. IMG 1296  The outside old rack. Out in the open. IMG 1297  No protection from the weather.
IMG 1299  Goint to the new rack. IMG 1300  Showing the way to the new rack. IMG 1301  The New Rack. Thanks for installing it. bikerack1302  Well protected from the elements. And it is cemented into the ground.
IMG 1303  Just showing the area where it is located. IMG 1304  The bikes will be out of the weather. IMG 1305  Nice use of this area. IMG 1306  Another view. Out of the way area.
IMG 1307  Up close view. What do you think. IMG 1309  Nice rack. IMG 1310  The outside rack. The End.